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Class 88.1 - ASB Park Pleasure Amateur/Junior Exhibitor will follow class 88.
Class 123.1 - UPHA Challenge Cup 17 & Under will be the first class on Friday evening.
Class 130.1 - ASB Three-Gaited Show Pleasure Junior Exhibitor Championship will follow class 130.
Class 147.1 - Morgan Western Seat Equitation Championship will follow class 147.

Class 63 - Morgan Park Saddle Jr. Ex. will move to become the first class at 10 a.m. on Friday (before class 102).

posted 5-18-17


Class 19 is split into age groups. Class 19 becomes ASB Three Gaited Show Pleasure Adult and Class 83.1 will be ASB Three Gaited Show Pleasure Junior Exhibitor and will follow class 83.

Class 204 will be split into Open and Amateur. Class 188.1 is added and becomes ASB Park Championship Open and will follow class 188. Class 204 becomes ASB Park Championship Amateur and follows class 203 as published.

posted 5-11-17


Class 33.1 - ASB Five Gaited Ladies (first class Wednesday evening)
Class 75.1 - Morgan Pleasure Driving Three Year Old (first class Thursday evening)
Class 75.2 - ASB Five Gaited Junior/Novice Horse (second class Thursday evening)
Class 186.1 - Morgan Saddle Seat Equitation Championship (first class Saturday evening)
Class 186.2 - ASB Five Gaited Ladies Championship (second class Saturday evening)

posted 4-24-17


Class 74 should read ASB Park Pleasure Open.
Class 121 should read ASB Park Pleasure Championship in the schedule by division part of the prize list. It is correct in the time schedule.

posted 3-29-17


CORRECTION: Class 122 is Adult Equitation, all seats, not Saddle Seat, as stated in the prize list.

posted 3-27-17


The Prize List is now posted on the Prize List page.

posted 3-10-17


The Western Dressage tests have been updated for the 2017 show season. To view updated tests, visit the WDAA website.

In the Opportunity Carriage division, the Reinsmanship class has been replaced with a Super Reinsmanship class. We will use Test 1. The test can be found in the USEF rulebook, CP224.

posted 3-6-17